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Training, Skills and Workforce Development

Industry Leaders Groups and Employment Projects and Services in Regions

Through the Department of State Development (DSD), the Far North Industry Leaders Groups (ILGs) was formed and are made up of highly skilled, committed and influential employers who have strong links to industry and the community. Using their local connections and knowledge, ILGs help government understand and respond to the workforce challenges experienced by industry and employers in and across regions. ILGs are the vehicle at the local and regional level by which industry and employers can influence, promote and support state government skills, training and employment priorities.

Employment Projects and Services Regional Network are also a mechanism that are shaped by a high level of stakeholder and community input, the network ensures Government intervention is focused on the greater social economic need of the region, the target groups within that area, and strengthens the capacity of local communities to determine and respond to work and learning needs.

The steering committee comprises representatives from Local Government, RDAFN, local businesses, Industry, RTO’s, Jobactive and other key stakeholders.

Training & Skills Development Officer (TSDO)

The role of the TSDO is to assist in the development of projects and programs of the Department of State Development (DSD) through a liaison role between the RDAFN, Far North ILG and Employment Projects and Services Regional Network and other agencies and organisations leading to higher than current levels of training and employment across the region.

To plan, develop and coordinate programs, services and facilities that respond to the training and employment needs in the region in line with the Far North ILG and Employment Projects and Services in Regions requirements and as identified by the groups. This includes initiating and integrating regional and local programs with an emphasis on providing opportunities for training, employment and self employment leading to more active involvement in the local community and the region.

To maximise available resources in an imaginative and innovative way in order to promote a sense of partnership between key employment and skill formation stakeholders throughout the region. To make an appointment contact the RDAFN office:

Phone: (08) 8641 1444

Career Services

To provide confidential and independent career planning assistance that enables people to realise and enhance their skills and capabilities. We can help you identify your skills, qualities and strengths, explore training options; assist with job searching skills, tips and hints when applying for jobs, interview techniques and assistance with resumes and cover letters. So if you are unemployed, under-employed, facing job loss or just thinking of a career change, give us a call.

To make an appointment contact the RDAFN office:
Suzanne Noll
Email: careerone@rdafn.com.au
Phone: (08) 8641 1444